The Community Edition of the Java Service Wrapper is recommended by a wide range of open source applications and has been downloaded over half a million times directly, and several million more times via 3rd party open source web sites. We stand by our reputation and experience with the Java Service Wrapper. Please feel free to do a search for "Java Service Wrapper" and your favorite open source Java application to see what others have to say about how the Java Service Wrapper helps solve their development and system administration issues.

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10Duke Logo

10Duke develops advanced web services for some of the leading consumer and technology brands in the world, using the 10Duke SDK, a Java based application development framework. To make it easier to package, deploy and run its applications as a cross-platform system service, 10Duke has come to rely on the Java Service Wrapper by Tanuki Software.

AGCO Australia Limited
AGCO Australia Limited Logo

AGCO Corporation is one of the world's largest manufacturers, designers and distributors of agricultural equipment. AGCO offers a full product line including tractors, combine harvesters, swathers and hay equipment. AGCO produces and markets 22 brand names around the world, including Massey Ferguson, the most widely-sold tractor brand, and Fendt - the technology leader.

AGCO uses the Java Service Wrapper to integrate custom built Java APIs into windows services; specifically these services are used to monitor all warehouse picking slips are being printed and processed. The Java Service Wrapper is a very simple and easily maintained application.

Albis Technologies
Albis Technologies Logo

Albis Technologies is a world class technology company that develops, manufactures and distributes products and solutions for national and international markets, tailored to meet customer specific requirements. In many cases these are high performing "hidden helper" - products essential to our daily lives. Their ZOMOFI - ActiveRFID business unit, leverages their middleware (edgeware) and other modules with the Java Service Wrapper in order to achieve a high level of reliability in critical applications like Museums and performance critical applications.


As we move to a low-carbon economy, AMEE enables organisations to be "audit ready". Business, Consumer and Government applications are "Powered by AMEE" to ensure compliance with authoritative international standards. The AMEE service combines data warehousing and analytics with a transactional networked platform to engage with a broad network of users.

AMEE delivers an integrated solution for functionality, transparency and interoperability for environmental assessment and management. The solution includes carbon emission factors and energy assessment methodologies for individuals, businesses, buildings, products, supply chains and countries, and tracking consumption data including fuel types, water, waste and related quantitative and qualitative factors.

Atempo, Inc.
Atempo, Inc. Logo

Atempo enables organizations to preserve and protect digital information simply and effectively, across any infrastructure, on any platform, over long periods of time. Atempo's comprehensive archiving solutions deliver policy-based and workflow-driven management of rich media files, e-mail and other high-value digital assets to maximize the efficiency and performance of storage systems and reduce long-term storage costs. Atempo's fully-integrated software portfolio also includes backup and recovery of heterogeneous servers, workstations and laptops throughout the enterprise - from the data center to remote offices. Atempo serves thousands of customers around the world through a sales and support network of over 200 resellers and partners. Atempo uses Java Service Wrapper in its ADAM product, managing and monitoring its services.

aurenz GmbH
aurenz GmbH Logo

We use the Java Service Wrapper to start and end the WebFox server service together with the operating system. This allows us to always keep the WebFox server active without an administrator having to intervene.

Since 1983, we at Aurenz have been doing our best to ensure you can get the most out of your ICT infrastructure. Software products from Aurenz increase your productivity, lower costs and create complete transparency.

With experience from over 25,000 installations, the Aurenz GmbH is one of the leading experts on intelligent software solutions and data privacy protection in the ICT field today. Together with our technology partners we will continue to give 100 percent every day, to make communication more successful for you.

Azbil Corporation
Azbil Corporation Logo

Azbil makes use of Tanuki Software's development and consulting services as well as the Java Service Wrapper in their Knowledge Power application suite to install its Java components as Windows services and ensure high availability with the Wrapper's crash detection and automatic restart functionality.

Cafesoft LLC.
Cafesoft LLC. Logo

Cafesoft develops and markets Cams, which is a secure, flexible and affordable web single sign-on and access management software solution. Organizations around the world use Cams to give employees, customers and partners secure, single sign-on access to protected web content and applications running on Apache, IIS, Sun ONE and J2EE web servers such as WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss and Tomcat.

Cams deploys and runs in its own JVM and uses the Java Service Wrapper to manage service installation and runtime in the Windows environment.

Calinda Software, Inc.
Calinda Software, Inc. Logo

Calinda Software provides natural collaboration software, based on a technology that dynamically builds maps from e-mails exchanged within a workgroup, regardless of type of e-mail people use, and without installing anything on their computers.

Calinda uses the Java Service Wrapper to ensure its high-end customers can rely on its MindUP for SharePoint product at any time for their critical projects.

Cleo Communications, Inc.
Cleo Communications, Inc. Logo

Cleo Communications provides secure and reliable software solutions to companies that have enterprise-wide managed file transfer needs. Automation, Compliance, Validation and Consolidation of file transfers are at the heart of Cleo solutions. With more than 30-years of EDI experience, Cleo is trusted among the Fortune 500 and in any size organization that is looking for market-ready solutions with advanced management tools increasing visibility, flexibility and collaboration. Cleo solutions are backed with customer-friendly, expert service and support. Cleo's advanced communication solutions help companies leverage mainframe and midrange data transforming them into modern applications with easy-to-use Java tools, based on SOA. Cleo's Transaction Processor uses the Java Service Wrapper for the Windows and Unix Operating System, freeing up engineering development time that would be needed for Operating System specific scenarios. The Cleo Transaction Processor runs in a Java Virtual Machine created by the Wrapper, making it easy for the Cleo Transaction Processor to be configured for memory usage, audit log size, port usage, and control restart capabilities. The Java Service Wrapper has been used since Cleo's Transaction Processor was first introduced in 2005.

Consultoria y Desarrollo
de Sistemas S.A. de C.V.
Consultoria y Desarrollo<br>de Sistemas S.A. de C.V. Logo

CODES was founded on March 1, 2006 and comes with the firm intention of building a software development and technological innovation company, based on mature processes and highly trained professionals that guarantee the quality of services and products.

Today, CODES is a company with extensive experience in technologies, solutions and platforms in the banking and finance industry, but with presence in other sectors such as industrial, government and technological.

CURSOR Software AG
CURSOR Software AG Logo

CURSOR employs the Java Service Wrapper as a reliable tool for the installation of the application server JBoss on Windows Platforms.

CURSOR Software AG at a glance: True to the motto "Success with system" CURSOR is developing and merchandising trade-specific software solutions for customer relationship and business process management (CRM) for more than 23 years. Users in sales, marketing and customer service deploy CURSOR-CRM for customer acquisition, customer retention and cost reduction.

EVI (for energy providers) and TINA (for distribution network operators) are counted among the leading software solutions for customer relationship and business process management in the energy industry. Also banks and financial service providers, universities, service and industrial enterprises as well as the local public transport benefit from the exactly to your requirements adapted products.

In the section of software distribution CURSOR is merchandising databases of IBM with the focus Informix and DB2.

Daifuku Co. Ltd.
Daifuku Co. Ltd. Logo

Decell Technologies, Ltd.
Decell Technologies, Ltd. Logo

Decell leverages its unique technology to provide accurate, real-time traffic information based on the location and movements of mobile phones and GPS devices. Decell's mission is to bring accurate road traffic information in real time to the public at any time and in any place.

Decell uses the Java Service Wrapper to run its production services on Windows 64-bit OSs. "The main benefits that we get from using the Java Service Wrapper are; the ability to automatically start the service on system startup, and the ability to monitor our production services using the Wrapper as a 'watch dog' to restart the service in case of an unexpected failure."

Device Insight GmbH
Device Insight GmbH Logo

Device Insight is one of the leading software companies in the area of Remote Device Management / M2M-Communication. Customers use the software platform CenterSight® to monitor and manage remote devices all over the world.

Device Insight successfully uses the Java Service Wrapper to run CenterSight® installations and to install the platform as a Windows service.

Earnix Ltd.
Earnix Ltd. Logo

Earnix is a software company developing innovative solutions for the financial services industries. Our Earnix Optimizer is a software platform for price optimization and price execution tailored to the needs of the Insurance and Banking firms. The Earnix solution enables revenue and profit management based on a customer centric analysis. With a patented customer lifetime value methodology and using advanced predictive analytics - Earnix allows for a dynamic pricing process which incorporates competitive pricing, demand modeling, what-if scenario analysis and algorithm-based optimization to achieve true demand based pricing.

Earnix incorporates the Java Service Wrapper to run heavy number-crunching processes supporting the Earnix optimization and statistical algorithms.

Eigenvector Research, Inc.
Eigenvector Research, Inc. Logo

Eigenvector Research, Inc. (EVRI) provides scientific data analysis and algorithm development as well as off-the-shelf and custom software for pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and materials manufacturing and research applications. Our products and customers use a wide range of operating systems and many operate in mission-critical production environments which require reliable operation. EVRI uses the Java Service Wrapper to safely supervise full-time data analysis engines deployed in process control and monitoring applications. EVRI also uses the Java Service Wrapper with software site-license management systems.

eMediaTrack Ltd.
eMediaTrack Ltd. Logo

eMediaTrack coordinates the development and commercialisation of the NereusV desktop cloud middleware. NereusV enables computer owners to permit 3rd party use of their spare computing power via a simple Java Applet or Web Start application. For corporate clients, where system administrators manage many computers centrally, eMediaTrack uses the Java Service Wrapper to enable NereusV to be always running in the background. Clients can therefore rely on NereusV clients connecting whenever computers are powered on, releasing their idle computing power to a centrally managed pool for shared productivity. NereusV turns under-used computers into a supercomputer, and with the flexible license model available from Tanuki Software we can deploy this technology globally to both open and closed source customers.

ENWA Co. Ltd.
ENWA Co. Ltd. Logo

Enwa offers a total solution for Web and Phone conferences over broadband enabling visual communication development and other needs. Enwa integrates the Java Service Wrapper with their Java applications on Linux and Windows to enable running as a service. The Wrapper has greatly simplified administration when the service is started, stopped, and the OS is restarted.

Groep H.Essers
Groep H.Essers Logo

Groep H.Essers offers customers personalized and integrated transport and logistic solutions through Europe. The great strength of the company is to be found in its flexibility, the use of own means and the development of advanced systems and concepts. Established in 1928, Groep H.Essers has grown into the largest family transport and logistic company of Europe, with 2.250 employees, spread over 26 branches in 12 European countries.

Together with the Java Service Wrapper, we monitor and control the flow of information of our trucks, warehouses and partners and transfer data between AS/400, MySQL and Oracle. The Wrapper is also used for controlling our services based on our self-written java framework to which our employees connect from their desktop.

Evolven Software
Evolven Software Logo

When it comes to IT environments, any little unnoticed difference can risk the stability of the entire environment. Evolven Comparison™ makes it easy to compare environments with each other, or with their historical or golden baselines. IT teams use it to accelerate the investigation of environment incidents, and reduce the risk of production outages by validating the accuracy of their releases.

Evolven Comparison compares the entire environment, drills-down to most granular level of configuration, and analyzes criticality and impact.

Evolven uses the Java Service Wrapper to ease the integration of our product into their customer's environment.

Excitor A/S
Excitor A/S Logo

Excitor is a software company that develops and sells DME (Dynamic Mobile Exchange) to organizations across Europe. Excitor is present in Europe's largest mobility markets, assisting enterprises of all sizes with mobilizing their workforces, and effectively managing their mobile fleets. Excitor uses the Java Service Wrapper to make their java based "Server connector" on IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange servers run as a native Windows service.

eXpresso Corp.
eXpresso Corp. Logo

eXpresso is a simple and secure way to create, edit and share Microsoft® Office files online with other people in real time. eXpresso uses the Java Service Wrapper on its production servers to launch its patented eXpresso Real-Time Engine. eXpresso's real-time engine gives users the ability to edit shared Microsoft Office files online at the same time and see each other's changes immediately.

Fiorano Software Technologies P Ltd.
Fiorano Software Technologies P Ltd. Logo

Fiorano has included the Java Service Wrapper in their SOA Framework suite on Windows platforms to enable smooth application restarts and installation as a service.

GlobalSCAPE, Inc.
GlobalSCAPE, Inc. Logo

GlobalSCAPE is a global solutions provider that equips organizations to intelligently and securely manage sensitive information in motion and at rest, across multiple offices and with customers and business partners. Trusted by most of the Fortune 100, GlobalSCAPE develops market-leading information security products and services to help enterprises execute a comprehensive strategy for protecting critical business information.

GlobalSCAPE first used the Java Service Wrapper to deploy DMZ Gateway 3.0, a cross-platform Java-based enterprise application. The solution has worked well and the Wrapper is now our de facto deployment model for all our upcoming Java-based products.

GNN K.K. Logo

GNN K.K. develops and markets CopperPDF, a proprietary Java middleware application to convert HTML to PDFs on the fly.

GNN makes use of the Java Service Wrapper to enhance the stability of mission-critical operations. The Java Service Wrapper's ability to monitor the JVM and perform automatic restarts helps to keep system downtime to a minimum.

Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd.
Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd. Logo

Hewlett-Packard is the world's largest technology company, best known for their printers and servers, but also a provider of software and solutions ranging from individual consumers to large enterprises.

Fortify Software, one of HP Enterprise Security Products makes use of the Java Service Wrapper.

i-docs Logo

i-docs is a suite of BSS (Business Support System) software modules designed for Financial Institutions, Telecom Operators and Utilities. i-docs clients are major banks and mobile, landline, ISP providers that operate internationally and depend on i-docs system to ensure business continuity and handle large quantities of sensitive data in a secure environment. i-docs goal is to add value to their clients' operations in the area of Customer Communications Management or Electronic Bill Presentment by enabling them to minimize operating costs, increase marketing opportunities to cross-sales and faster Time-to-Market, increase quality of serving their customers and business partners (B2B - B2C), reduce churn rate and fully exploit their existing investments eliminating system obsolesce and reliance on "black boxes".

We recommend the usage of the Java Service Wrapper to our customers who want to run our i-docs BSS Suite as a configurable and reliable windows service on 64-bit machines.

Infobip Logo

Infobip is a mobile messaging specialist providing professional solutions to clients from the corporate and public sectors, mobile operators, aggregators, resellers and others, giving them a new communication medium and new added value.

Initiate Systems, Inc.
Initiate Systems, Inc. Logo

Initiate Systems enables organizations to confidently share critical data assets. Multinational corporations, healthcare organizations and government agencies rely on InitiateR software and services to deliver complete, accurate and real-time views of data spread across multiple systems, domains or databases. Initiate's multi-domain master data management (MDM) solutions facilitate interoperability, information sharing, entity resolution and data quality to increase revenues, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

Instant Technologies
Instant Technologies Logo

Instant Technologies develops enterprise service desk applications for large corporate customers throughout the world. Our enterprise products enable organizations to meet regulatory requirements, provide live chat across websites, improve customer service, and increase employee productivity.

iRise Logo

iRise is a commercial software company that makes visualization software. We provide companies a powerful and rapid way to fully experience business software before development. Stakeholders can see and interact with proposed applications early in the process to ensure the right systems get built.

iRise uses the Java Service Wrapper to run an integration product as a service on Windows OSs.

Jessa ziekenhuis
Jessa ziekenhuis Logo

Jessa Ziekenhuis, one of the largest hospitals in Belgium, makes use of the Java Service Wrapper in a PABX system to check in, check out, transfer phone calls, and manage patient call records for invoicing purposes, similar to hotel systems.

Kenshoo Ltd.
Kenshoo Ltd. Logo

KENSHOO™ has included the Java Service Wrapper on their production servers for their SaaS Search Engine Marketing Platform. The Wrapper helps KENSHOO maintain their industry leading scalability so that their clients can manage and monitor complex advertising campaigns that contain millions of elements. Their platform, KENSHOO Search, is an end-to-end online marketing platform that offers a wide range of features and advanced functionality like bid management with statistical modeling.

medavis GmbH
medavis GmbH Logo

Since 1995, medavis GmbH has concentrated on developing system solutions in the area of health care. We can offer our customers a modern, technically mature Radiological Information System (RIS) that has made us one of the leading system houses for radiology and nuclear medicine. High customer satisfaction, as well as quality and security management, is part of our innovative product and support strategy.

We use the excellent Java Service Wrapper to run and maintain our medical grade interfaces in a demanding 24/7 high-load cycle both in 32bit and 64bit. Its unique ability to guarantee a running JVM, its configurability and reliable logging under all circumstances make it ideal for that tough environment.

Metallo-Chimique N.V.
Metallo-Chimique N.V. Logo

Metallo excels in MULTI-METAL RECYCLING and REFINING of non-ferrous metals. Over 90 years of experience resulted in the highest level set-up of pyro- and hydrometallurgical processes which can treat the most complex secondary raw materials and refine them into new metal products to supply the metal consuming industry.The Best Available Technologies, mostly invented and created by our own engineers, give Metallo a unique position in the world in the valorisation of metal and metal compounds. And we continue to feed our "Furnace of Innovation", both through the use of ever more complex raw materials as well as through new technological ideas on the refining processes. Being the "smelter for smelters".

Tanuki Software's Java Service Wrapper is used to deploy, monitor, and keep us informed on the status of several of our mission critical internal systems.

Moonlit Software Ltd.
Moonlit Software Ltd. Logo

Moonlit Software offers a non-intrusive solution featuring centralized log server and rich log viewer both carefully crafted for developers, system integrators, software testers and field-support engineers, with the logFaces enterprise logging suite.

logFaces makes use of the Java Service Wrapper to run as a service and provide for maximum availability.

Network Technologies International, Inc.
Network Technologies International, Inc. Logo

DRNet/OPEN™ extends DRNet's HP NonStop Server-based data replication product line to other hardware environments. DRNet/OPEN™ collects database updates from NonStop Servers and uses our powerful messaging middleware to replicate data to most OPEN platforms, including Windows®, Unix®, and Linux®. Tanuki Software's Java Service Wrapper allows DRNet/OPEN™ to be installed with minimal configuration and ensures reliable and robust operation on a wide variety of platforms.

PMEase Inc.
PMEase Inc. Logo

PMEase Inc. is a company founded at 2006 to provide innovative and powerful continuous integration and release management tools for software development teams.

"With the help of the Java Service Wrapper, our flagship product, QuickBuild, is able to run on different OS platforms seamlessly, with the ability to run as OS services and restart the JVM on-demand. We are very satisfied with the product, and the even better support!"

ProcServe Holdings Ltd.
ProcServe Holdings Ltd. Logo

ProcServe provides world leading eCommerce solutions. We specialise in providing and managing eProcurement and eMarketplace solutions and services for our customers.

Our buyer solutions enable organisations to Save Money by making procurement more efficient and enable collaboration. Our supplier solutions enable organisations to Make Money through making it easier for their customers to buy goods and services from them.

Our solutions are all fully hosted and managed by ProcServe. They come combined with professional service packages that ensure a swift implementation and maximum return on investment.

ProcServe uses the Java Service Wrapper to operate a centralised Transaction service.

Pulinco Engineering AG
Pulinco Engineering AG Logo

Pulinco Engineering AG, is dedicated to the support of Business Engineering and the publishers of the TopEaseR® family of business engineering software tools, methods, content and professional services. Founded in 1992, Pulinco is headquartered in Switzerland and has branches in Germany and the UK. Since then, it has established a loyal customer base in many blue-chip corporations and key government sector organisations. Augmented by a growing community of systems integrators, solution providers and consulting firms, Pulinco's business partners extend the solution capability and network for the steadily growing number of TopEase clients.

SAIF Corporation
SAIF Corporation Logo

SAIF Corporation is Oregon's not-for-profit, state-chartered workers' compensation insurance company. We are the market leader, issuing almost half of the policies in Oregon and providing coverage to more than 600,000 workers.

Sakkam Logo

Sakkam is a Tokyo-based company specializing in the development of software that extracts usable information from text. They provide both web based services and software which is deployed on customer premises.

"We are pleased to use the Java Service Wrapper when deploying Java applications on Windows servers. We use the Java Service Wrapper for non-stop applications that run 24x7. The Java Service Wrapper is very simple to deploy and we have never had any problems with it."

Slimstock B.V.
Slimstock B.V. Logo

For over 15 years, Slimstock has been synonymous with better demand forecasting, effective inventory management, clearer inventory analysis and continuous improvement of inventory reliability.

Over 400 companies in Europe - across a wide range of industries, covering large, as well as medium and small enterprises - use our solutions.

Slimstock uses the Java Service Wrapper to get a configurable and stable windows service of our java server on both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

Software AG
Software AG Logo

Software AG is the global leader in Business Process Excellence. Our 40 years of innovation include the invention of the first high-performance transactional database, Adabas; the first business process analysis platform, ARIS; the first B2B server and SOA-based integration platform, webMethods.

The Java Service Wrapper is used in a number of the webMethods products providing a unified way to register our products as services on a wide range of platforms. The comprehensive integration with the operating systems allows us to react better to unknown errors and system shutdown.

Temis S.A.
Temis S.A. Logo

TEMIS is the leading provider of Text Analytics software solutions. Its cutting-edge solution Luxid® addresses the text mining needs in the Publishing, Life Sciences, Enterprise, and Government sectors. Its powerful information intelligence capabilities power strategic corporate activities such as Competitive Intelligence, Scientific Discovery, Opinion Mining, Voice of the Customer and Content Publishing. Luxid® turns unstructured data into actionable knowledge, enabling advanced content analysis and strategic information discovery.

Tier-3 Pty Ltd.
Tier-3 Pty Ltd. Logo

Tier-3 Huntsman provides complete enterprise wide threat management, compliance and operational risk management capabilities. Huntsman takes advantage of the multi-platform support and flexibility of the Java Service Wrapper to manage processes in mission critical installations such as defense, financial, government and corporate environments worldwide. Huntsman's patented data analysis technology and universal data collection engine provides real-time ability to monitor, analyze and understand each transaction as it happens across business applications, operating systems and networks.

The Library Corporation
The Library Corporation Logo

The Library Corporation is a family-owned company that provides automation and cataloging solutions to public, school, academic, and specialty libraries worldwide. TLC uses the Java Service Wrapper in its LS2 products, including the LS2 PAC, LS2 Kids, and LS2 Circ online interfaces. The Java Service Wrapper eases installation of TLC's LS2 products on Windows machines, while leveraging the advantages of managing these applications as a Windows service.

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
Texas Windstorm Insurance Association Logo

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) is the state's insurer of last resort for wind and hail coverage in the fourteen (14) coastal counties and parts of Harris County (east of Highway 146). TWIA provides wind and hail coverage when insurance companies exclude it from their homeowners and other property policies sold to coastal residents.

TWIA uses Tanuki Software's Java Service Wrapper on its production application servers that host quote, application, and claim management functions. These functions are used internally by TWIA employees and externally by TWIA business partners.

United Planet GmbH
United Planet GmbH Logo

United Planet is one of the leading developers of Enterprise Portal software in Europe. Its Java based, standard software Intrexx enables companies to create Enterprise Portals, Intranets and Web Applications cost effectively, without the need for programming by using 'drag and drop' technology and pre-created solutions for quality management, document management and process management to optimise internal workflow. Intrexx makes use of the Java Service Wrapper on Windows as well as on Linux and Sun Solaris, and incorporates several Business Adapters to ensure that third-party data from Lotus Notes and other ERP solutions can be easily integrated in the Intrexx Portal.

De Agave, Inc.
De Agave, Inc. Logo

Tanuki Software's hosting and development services helped De Agave rapidly implement and deploy their e-Commerce web site bringing the widest selection of Tequila products to the Japanese market.